Martina Pilcerova was born on 14 March 1973 in Lucenec, Slovakia. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she attended graphics and finished Master of Arts in 2001.
Her first commissions were comics and covers for some newspapers and comic magazine Bublinky and many other scifi and fantasy magazines. First book cover she made was for the Czech story Long Day of Valhally by Frantisek Novotny, edited by Altar in 1994. She did almost 100 covers for various books and magazines since that time and many more paintings for TPG games and collectible card games. She worked on two movie projects.
She uses mostly acrylics colors, even if she used to work also in oils before. For few years she tried digital medium but returned back to acrylics, enjoying to create the real painting.
She created the set of interior illustrations for the children’s book Strawberry Fairy by Ludmila Sinalova published by Epos in 2000.
Later she worked for publishers like : Talpress (Vorkosigan Adventures by Lois McMaster Bujold, G.G. Kay, G.R.R. Martin, Czech Republic), Fantom Print (Deathworld Planet series by Harry Harrison, Czech Republic), Argument Verlag (Luke-Harrison trilogy, Downtown Blues by Myra Cakan, Germany), Fox Acre Press (Nightside City, USA), Berkley Books (USA), Prime Books (USA), BeWrite Books (UK), FanPro (Game of Thrones collectible
edition, Cugel Saga, Germany), Bibliopolis (R. Zelazny translation, Spain), Subterranean Press (Starlady & Fast-Friend by G.R.R. Martin, first edition, USA), Audible (Game of Thrones audio books, Germany).
Illustrating The Game of Thrones CCG was one of her first game industry assignments. Since then she made 63 paintings for various publishers just for Song of Ice and Fire theme. In 2002 she started to work for Magic the Gathering and also for World of Warcraft.