WPN – Round 2

01st October 2022 to 18th December 2022

The list is not final, additional WPN will be added as soon as the deal is finalized.

  • The Warchest
  • <p>The home of Magic the Gathering in South County Dublin. Located between AIB and Bank of Ireland in Dun Laoghaire. Check our Events tab for upcoming MtG tournaments. The Warchest is your local trad games store, specialising in trading card games, board games, RPGs and hobby supplies including dice, card binders, deck boxes, playmats and more!</p>
  • - - Ireland
  • https://locator.wizards.com/store/10244
  • http://www.facebook.com/dunlaoghairehobbyshop -

WPN Qualifier Promos – Round 2


Thraben Inspector
Registration Promo Card

Selfless Spirit
Top 8 Promo Card

Selfless Spirit FOIL
Qualification to LEC Promo Card