WPN – Round 3

07th January 2023 to 02nd April 2023

The list is not final, additional WPN will be added as soon as the deal is finalized.

  • Pegasus Oyuncak Istanbul
  • <p>Pegasus Oyuncak is exclusive distributor for Games Workshop and has been Distributor/Wholesaler/Organizer for Magic the Gathering and Yugioh since 2006.<br /> We have been organizing all kind of MTG events in Turkey for last 27 Years including all of the PTQs, WMCQs and Nationals. We have 3 Retail Stores in Turkey with a huge play area and wide selection of Card Games and Miniatures.</p>
  • - - Turkey
  • https://locator.wizards.com/store/11806
  • https://www.pegasusoyuncak.com -

WPN Qualifier Promos – Round 3


Mystical Dispute
Registration Promo Card

Thing in the Ice
Top 8 Promo Card

Thing in the Ice FOIL
Qualification to LEC Promo Card