A professional figure with multiple traditional artistic skills such as painting, sculpture and conservation of cultural heritage and digital arts. Gifted with marked creativity and versatility in both practice and theory. Willing to study and constantly evolve their knowledge. Able to organise work according to clients’ needs and timescales. Pioneer of the new profession of Artworker, restorer and alterer of vintage Magic: the Gathering collectible cards, thanks to which numerous collaborations on a national and international artistic basis with associations and companies in the field such as Complexity Card Gaming, TCG Vault and Cardmarket have been established. Guest artist at major events and festivals such as: GP Wizards of the Coast, Lucca Comics & Games, Romics (RM), Etna Comics (CT), Cartoomics (MI), Cardmarket Series (Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Bologna …).
She currently holds the position of Social Media Manager and continues her collaborations with some companies in the gaming sector as an artworker and fantasy illustrator.