Gabriel Nassif, also known by his stream moniker “yellowhat,” is a Magic pro from Paris, France and a member of Team CFBUltimateGuard.

While Gab has one of the most storied and prolific careers in Magic, he came from humble beginnings, learning Magic in middle school around when Ice Age came out.

His early start with the game has led him to adore many early cards that remain nostalgic to him, even as the game has evolved. In particular, Argothian Enchantress, Force Spike, Crystalline Sliver and Necropotence are all cards that have stuck with him over the years.

While Gab is known for being a Constructed specialist, often streaming various Constructed formats on stream, he has a deep love for Limited in all forms.

Gab has many accolades under his belt, but the most memorable in his mind is his first Pro Tour win in Team Limited with David Rood and Gab Tsang. In day one, the team’s match came down to Tsang’s match, which looked unwinnable in their eyes. As Gab and Rood stepped away to split up their sealed decks, they came back to find that Tsang had clawed his way out from the jaws of defeat, outplaying his opponent one step at a time. Gab’s team went on to win the tournament without dropping another game after that.

Outside of Magic, Gab enjoys playing Dota 2, although he admittedly has an unhealthy relationship with it, going through phases of uninstalling and reinstalling it to not be tempted as it becomes a huge time sink for him. Otherwise, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, watching TV with his wife and cooking.

Gab’s most prized possession should be of no surprise to anyone whose followed his long and impressive Magic career – it’s the iconic “yellowhat” yellow hat of course!