Richard Kane Ferguson is an internationally renowned fantasy artist, comic artist and illustrator who has worked extensively in the gaming industry since the 1990s. He’s been painting and designing for MTG almost since its beginning, working on its earliest sets right up to the present day. He’s lent his distinctive visual style to a host of iconic cards from Dakkon Blackblade to Force of Will. And he’s probably at his creative happiest when chained to his drawing board and cranking on a really tight MTG deadline.

RKF has worked with many other gaming and comic companies, including White Wolf Games and Marvel Comics. He’s published numerous comics of his own creation.

RKF is also currently working on the completion of his creator owned opus The Golden Age: The Book of Xell. This lavish, fully painted work first saw print as a 50-page graphic novel in Heavy Metal Magazine. It’s designed, written and painted by Richard and will be collected as a stand-alone Graphic Novel, The Lost Book of Kings, as soon as the project is completed—with a potential release date in 2024.