Svetlin Velinov

Svetlin Velinov is a globally recognized Bulgarian artist who works in the entertainment and game industry. He works in the field of illustration, concept art and comics. A native of Varna, he showed an interest in art in his early years. He is a graduate of the “Dobri Hristov”; National School of Arts – Varna, and then studied animation direction in the class of Prof. Henri Kulev at the New Bulgarian University – Sofia. Since 2002, he began his professional journey as a graphic designer and freelance artist, and for 14 years now he has been part of the main team of illustrators of Wizards of the Coast contributing his work to the success of one of the most famous board games, Magic the Gathering. With more than 300 illustrations for Magic, he ranks second among the most prolific artists ever to work on the game created in 1993…

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18 November 2022